First day driving to work …

Weather is good today. Bright and sunny like yesterday. And today is my first day driving to work. I woke up later than usual but reached the office earlier than usual. I got the time to eat my breakfast too. Well, not really breakfast, though, just a cereal bar. The only thing I miss about the old way is that I am able to get a copy of Metro and walk to my workplace when the weather is fine.

I am really pleased with my car except the squeaking sound which I am determine to get it fix this weekend or so. The control is good and steady while the engine is smooth and idle reasonably.

Another thing is the traction control where I do not actually know how it works. There is a button near the shifter and when I press it, one of the dashboard’s lights illuminates. I checked through forums and finally found something similar. The forum posters said that the traction control is switch “ON” automatically when the engine starts. Pressing the button will switch off the traction control and the light on the dashboard will illuminates. The light blinks when traction control is operating.

Hmm… I do not think that I drive my car and tackle a corner hard enough to activate the traction control. Right now, I will need to familiar myself with the road around Basingstoke and try not to rely on the satellite navigator. Having said that, there are too many identical roundabouts here which might give me some troubles.

My housemates have been polite and I have not problem parking my car because one of my housemates volunteers to park his company car by the side of the road so that the other housemate’s car and my car could park within the driveway compound. Mee and I had been worrying about parking problem and now, it was solved easily. Sometimes, it is really useless to worry about something in the future, isn’t it?

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