Online Mahjong

When we were young, we loved to try new things. We, refer to siblings and I. We played monopoly, scrabbles, poker, war games and paper soccer. There was a popular Singapore drama which was about playing poker in casinos. During that time, we imitated their act but got scolded by our dad. The next day, we could not find our playing cards.

Among all the games, I have always wanted to learn Mahjong because it trains the players’ concentration and sharpness. But now, I do not have to buy a mahjong set with a table and find three players in order to learn and play Mahjong because I can sign up online for free at In addition, it hosts the World Series of Mahjong which is a $1 million even in Asia in September. The entry fee starts as little as $4 with the top prize of $500,000. Even if you are not into tournaments or gambling, it is very easy to join and play Mahjong with absolutely no software to download.

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