A holiday in San Francisco

Mee has a sister in San Jose, California and her family will normally visit her once every two years. Mee’s sister is married to a Malaysian, who has been working in US for years and they have two wonderful sons. I hope that I could visit them sometime because I have never been to US.

There was once where Mee and her family went to visit her sister during summer and they joined a tour to San Francisco. The weather was very hot and looking at the photos taken, their eyes were small and I could not differentiate whether they were smiling or the sun was too bright. Their things to do in San Francisco are to visit the Bay Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Wax Musuem and not to forget the Chinatown. The most unforgettable experience for Mee was the visit to Aquarium of the Bay where she could close-up with the underwater experience and the marine life.

It makes me envy everytime Mee mentioned about that trip to San Francisco. Currently, Trusted Tours & Attractions is having a special promotion where a person can win a $150 iTunes Gift Card by signing up the newsletter. Why wait? I have signed up the newsletter and I am now browsing their online travel guides to plan my next trip. Hmm… it seems like it is worth visiting the Kennedy Space Center too. There are many places and options to choose from. Check out things to do in Las Vegas too.

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