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Previously, I mentioned about the opportunities to visit other blogs and websites through Entrecard is beneficial as well as bringing traffics to my blog. In addition, I found that most of the blogs have registered their own domain name and that made me feel the need to have my own domain too. But where and how do I start with it. How do I know what are the services offered by each individual web hosts? Some of them offered web hosting and free domain name but some of the websites are only selling domain name.

Somehow, I managed to find some cheap hosting websites through Web Hosting Geeks. It works similar to the web sites where I visited previously in order to get my car insurance and breakdown cover done. Each web hosting provider is listed in details with the types of services offered. You can even view by the awards, reviews or rating given to the web hosting providers. I, for instance, will love to browse web hosting providers that give out free domain as one of the services.

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