Looong weekend …

It has been a hot day. However, the weather forecast reported that there will be most likely rain for the next whole week. It is just so unpredictable.

And you know what; I was sitting at my workplace, doing nothing from 0815 until 1115 because all the servers were down due to a power surge. Anyway, it is Friday and I am having Monday and Tuesday off too. It will be a looong weekend for me.

Let me see. Most probably, I will be organizing my photo gallery, take a few pictures of my cars, shop at Halfords because they are having some 3 for 2 promotions and most importantly, blogging. For those who have not heard about Halfords, it is a car accessories shop but in my opinion, not as great as Brothers in Malaysia (Just look at the size of the logos). Maybe I will get a set of car mat if Mee is in town later because Wilkinson is selling £3.99 for a set which I believe is the cheapest around town.

As you may have read the post before this, I am seriously looking at hosting My Ideas 4 You myself. And that is part of the reason why I have been slow on the photo gallery as well as Initial D Project. Well, time will tell.

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