British International Motor Show …

What a day. It is 23 degree Celsius now. As I typed, the number seems to be increasing as shown in Yahoo! weather widget. It has been a week since I got my car. Mee and I went to Lidl to buy some fruits and vegetable which are on promotion. After that, I drove her to work. No more rushing and no more guessing what time the bus will reach. And best of all, I do not have to carry the things we bought because the car carries everything.

My housemate, the polish girl, is moving out and according to the landlord, another polish girl will be moving in. As usual, we will be wondering what kind of people the latest housemate will be. But we just could not care much.

Lazy day for me. I do not think that I will be taking any pictures of my car today because it is just so hot. My housemate might think that I am a little bit obsessed. Well, I love cars. Even though my car is nine years old, but I think it is still doing great. Oh yeah, the British International Motor Show starts from the 23rd July – the 3rd of August. The ticket is not too expensive; £10 on weekday and £14 on weekend. And there is a special offer of £5 after 1700. I thought of going there but parking is another problem. I will talk to Mee and we will see how then.

Pictures taken from Sky Motoring.

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