Just another hot day …

A hot day. Very hot. It is not something reported in the weather forecast few days ago. But Mee told me that it is going to be cold next week. Well, let us see, then.

I told Mee about the British International Motor Show and she did not seem to be interested in it but willing to accompany me. However, I thought that we should go to the next one instead of this one because we are not familiar with London yet for example the car parks, congestion charge and things like that and most importantly, is the need to book the ticket online and wait for it to be posted to us or print the ticket which I do not have a printer. Case close.

As planned, Mee and I went to Halfords but nothing interested me. The shop is not as exciting as the car accessories shops that you can find in Malaysia. But maybe Halfords is not specializing in car accessories anyway. And it sells bicycles.

One response on “Just another hot day …

  1. Atniz

    It is not wise to go for a new places without any plans. I wish I could be there for the motor show, I will definitely ask you to go even though we are not familiar. I’m a car enthusiastic person.

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