Ready soon photo gallery …

After much testing and deciding, I finally made up my mind to stick to Phormer Photo Gallery. It is easier to use and can be customized quite easily even thought I need to really study on it in order to make some real changes. Still, I will stick to its original interface right now.

I have uploaded some photos as a start and soon, I will make it public. Previously, I spent sometime with minishowcase photo gallery. It is a simple photo gallery, but I was worried that in the future, it might not be able to cater the need to create tons of categories depending on how I categorize my photos. Surely I would not want to store my photos in just a single folder or a few and from my estimation, minishowcase is only suitable for up to 10 – 15 folders and anything more than that, I will have to scroll down to view other folders. And it does not support sub-categories.

Soon, I will be able to introduce my photo gallery but right now, what I need to do is to convince Mee again that Phormer is one of the best photo galleries around and it is free.

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