Changing blog design, again …

As you can see, I am changing my blog design again. The reason behind this is to make my blog more efficient and soon, I will be removing the categories section from the sidebar. After that, I will scrutinize and make fewer categories. The aim of this is to have a blog which will have different focuses while easy to navigate with specific categories; as well as having more spaces in the sidebar. Well, I cannot cope with managing different blog with different topics. One is enough for me.

Some of you may have noticed that I am quite addicted to Entrecard nowadays. That is true and which is why my Entrecard advertisement is on top of the sidebar so that Entrecard droppers will have an easy time finding it.

By the way, I have reduced the number of posts per page from eight to five with the hope of reducing the loading time and not neglecting the stuffs that I put at the bottom of my blog.

2 responses on “Changing blog design, again …

  1. myi4u

    hi there, thanks for giving some suggestions.

    It is quite hard to determine the font size because they work differently from browser to browser. But so far, I find it most suitable with Firefox because I always test it with Firefox. However, my blog looks terrible in IE5 and below.

    Those widgets are still under testing and those which are not performing will be removed.

    Thanks for your suggestions though. Have a great day.

  2. Ismail

    Other things that you should look into is your font size for your content, background color as well as your font size color. Try to limit those unnecessary widgets on your blog.

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