Changes that I have made …

Hmm… the rain had stopped. It was raining in the morning but luckily, it did not cause any jam. I have done quite a few things today and I am very pleased with it.

After more than seven months, I have poured in my first draft of About into the About section. It is quite long-winded and I will be revising it on and off to hopefully, make it more interesting. Enjoy!

I have changed the service board design a bit to make it more attractive. In addition, I have created a new 125X125 Entrecard design. The previous design looked ugly and meaningless and I hope this one will attract a lot more visitors.

As mentioned in my previous post about giving credits top Entrecard droppers in my blog, I will create a static post which will list out the Top 10 or 20 Entrecard droppers. The list will be updated every month according to the statistic that I get from Entrecard. As for the reward, I am still thinking.

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