Problems at home and my new target …

Mee and I are frustrated with the behaviour of our housemates. Particularly the two who rented the bedroom above us. It was all peaceful before his wife moved in because the noise they are making now has doubled. Most of the time, we can hear a loud bang or the sound of dragging furniture around the room. Well, it is just annoying.


Recently, the thought of buying a laptop has come back. I was about 70% sure to get a Asus EEE until I browse Asus website a while ago. I am now 90% sure because the new models available now are with 10 inch screen and Bluetooth. There are also choices of having SSD or normal SATA hard disk drive. Optical drive is not available in all models but that is not going to bother me. My target is now fixed to Asus EEE but hopefully, they will offer more interesting models by the end of the year.

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