Check out the speakers that P-Diddy rocks out with

A good sound system is what Mee and I always wanted; be it for the computer or the car. When I was working in Malaysia, I used to travel around and in car entertainment was really what I needed. Since I am working in UK now, Mee and I listen to the music mostly through our computer. We have an average subwoofer with speakers but sadly, it is a wired one. Dust accumulates and it is kind of hard to clean the wires lying at the back of the computer desk.

Soundcast has unleashed three products that aim to connect your audio system altogether and suitable for use indoor as well as outdoor. The picture shown here is the Outcast speaker ; the ultimate wireless outdoor speaker. All three products are, of course, wireless and with a 350-foot broadcast range which is able to receive transmissions through walls, floors and ceilings.

Sound quality? Celebrities like Sean “P Diddy” Combs have made purchases of SoundCasts speakers for use in their homes.

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