Spiders week …

There have been quite a lot of spiders in the house recently. For the past three days, I had killed three spiders; two in the room and one in the kitchen. Well, maybe you will think that I am cruel but what can I do? That spider in the kitchen was about 10 cm including its legs. I did not know what to do but to kill it.

Hmm… I hope to accomplish a few things these few days particularly tidying the room, vacuum all the spider webs left hanging in the toilet as well as washing my car. Tidying the room is kind of my priority which I will be doing today. Honestly, I do not know where to start because Mee had spring cleaned it just two days ago. What I will be doing, most probably, is to clear some useless boxes and stuff away the cloths which I will not be wearing.

Yesterday, we acquired a multi-tier rack, which was abandoned in the living room to become our shoes rack. That certainly looks good compared to stacking up the shoe boxes on the floor.

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  1. Joy

    First of all you have a cool blog. Second, thank you very much for the comment, appreciate it very much. Third, I wonder why there are lots of spiders in your house lol! Last, feel free to come back 🙂 Have a blissful Sunday.

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