Banzai DVD Game

ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:

Nowadays, if you are bored, simply go online and you can find thousands of online games available. But which are the ones that are nice to play and cute as well? Screenlife Games has been promoting its Banzai DVD game and of course, the game has gained popularity among people who have visited the site.

On the website, you can play the Tako-Gotchi by feeding, playing and decide its fate from the selection from the funny screen. In addition, you can also download what is considered as Banzai rubbish; funny and cute wallpapers and screensavers for your computer.

In addition, you can find out how to play by clicking on the link. Here is a summary of the game play: All players watch stunts from acclaimed Super Banzai Video Show, then bet on the outcome of stunt. To bet, players race to fill the betting bowl using only chopsticks. Bowls are filled with sushi. Whoever wins all the sushi, wins the game. The rest are rubbish. For more detailed information, you will have to watch the Banzai video. Also, remember to download the rules from the site.

Wait no more and make your purchase online now from It is a game which will definitely entertain the whole family and check out the very own Tako Myspace page too.

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