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A wet morning today. After a long weekend, I am back to my workplace now. There are quite a lot of things waiting for me to do and it is quite a busy morning. Oops, I forgot to reply an email.

E-mail replied.

I have just implemented Highslide image viewer into this blog. If it is good, I might be implementing it rather than using the existing Galleria image viewer which is quite complicated to implement.

The images you see at the bottom of this post were taken yesterday when Mee and I went to the London Aquarium. These are only part of the pictures that we had taken. I will upload everything into the photo gallery which in this case, I have not made the photo gallery public yet. Be patient then.

We had to queue for 30 minutes to buy our tickets. The ticket is priced at £13.25 per adult. We took the advantage of ‘2 for 1’ voucher for people who travel by train and thus, we only had to pay £13.25.

Honestly, the Aquarium is huge but it is not what I expected. I find it rather boring because there are not many species of fishes on display. We expected something special and extraordinary fishes. Even the atmosphere made us feel sleepy partly because of the dim light. When we are back in Malaysia, we will definitely visit the KLCC Aquaria which we reckon it will be more exciting and interesting than London Aquarium.

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