Meet the Sproutwells

I have come across two episodes of The Sproutwells animation in Youtube and thought the characters are quite funny. The first episode is tagged as ‘Housewarming Surprise’ while the second episode is tagged as ‘Phyto the Dog?’ When visiting the sproutwells website hosted at, it states that more episodes are coming and stay tuned for fresh prizes on 15th August 2008. So, make sure that you tune in tomorrow!

Back to the video. Both episodes are funny. The main characters are a family of vegetables and I love the dog named Phyto. It is lively in the second episode and even pees greeny stuff around Rosy, who threaten to call SPCA to catch the dog. Luckily, the Sproutwells family adopted Phyto. Well, I will be eagerly waiting for the third episode because the Sproutwells family always have packaged delivered to their home. I wonder who send and what is inside the package.

Spread the words around and stay tuned to the coming episodes!

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