Some design thoughts …

I have been posting some of Mee’s dishes because the pictures were taken quite sometime ago. Since I have implemented HighSlide on my website, I thought now would be a good time to start publishing the photos. Previously, I was quite lazy doing the uploading because I have to transfer the photos from the camera and then upload it to my web host which is quite time-consuming.

One of the benefits of using HighSlide or other similar javascript such as Lightbox is that I can specify a smaller size of a picture which will make the loading faster compare to loading a full size picture. Hmm… I guess I will have to go through all my posts again and change all the posts with pictures to HighSlide image viewer. After all, my blog is in its changing process now.

The top menu will be changed soon with more interactivity but hopefully, it does not slow down. I also have a rough idea on categorizing my blog into different focuses. Well, so far so good because I have not met any difficulties yet.

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