‘The Look’

Facial expressions are very important because most of the time, people know whether you like it or not based on the look in your face. I believe that it is quite hard to hide the look in your face especially when you are very happy or very angry about something. Sometimes, I am very impressed with the actors and the actresses who are able to provide different kind of look depending on different kind of character and condition during filming even though they may have other things in their mind at that moment.

I often give people a look of uninterested. People who do not know me may think that I am arrogant and not keen on friendship. However, once they get to know me, they will know that I am quite easy going and it is just the look that made people think otherwise. Also, I notice a big difference whether or not I use hair gel. I look more energetic when I use hair gel and if not, I will always have a sleepy look.

The Look

The Look

Hmm… do I look like I am looking for trouble?

Thus, I believe that it is fun and easier to make friends and chat over the internet because relationship is not easily affected by the look unless you tend to use webcam. One of the ways is to participate in Extreme Style by VO5’s ‘Ultimate Flirting Championship’ and achieves the Victory Hair where your look will not affect the gameplay. Learn more by visiting the site and you will not regret it.

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