To host or not to host? …

My day started at about 1100 knowing that my blog was offline. Immediately, the thought of switching my blog’s host came to my mind again and I struggled to think of the consequences and difficulty if I were to host my own blog. Or maybe I should just register a domain name but as far as I know, has been taken. Everytime I think about it, I just give up because I could not get the dot com version for my blog. And maybe I should just settle down with other version; dot net, dot org, dot co dot uk which I do not really think they are suitable.

Anyway, I have sent out emails to PayPerPost and Socialspark, asking for procedures and advise should I change my domain name and host. But as you can see, my blog is online again and it was offline for about nine hours. So, it is still not bad considering it is Sunday and the administrators still manage to solve it within half a day. Impressive!!!

Tomorrow, I will be working without my manager because he is on leave until next week. Well, actually, he was off since last Friday. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong next week.

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