Are your shopping bags getting lighter? …

This seems to be a controversial matter. Companies have been reducing the weight and size of the products while the prices remain the same. Well, it sounds alright to me now even though I felt a little bit furious when I first read the topic.

Mee and I run our errands weekly and of course, we notice most of the products’ prices are getting higher and higher. Personally, I would rather buying reduced weight items and not having to increase my budget each month.

In that report, it stated that Pringles, Pampers, Dairylea and Strongbow have cut pack sizes without cutting prices. Cadbury has followed the trend while Birds Eye has started back in 2007. Gosh, I just had Birds Eye’s Chicken Tikka Masala two days ago and I told Mee that it was just nice.

Shoppers ‘cheated’ by supermarket brands

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