Getting my own domain name …

I am all alone in the office right now. All the part-timers have left and all the full-timers are on leave, leaving me alone. Well, come to think of it, not exactly alone because my department manager is here but she has her own office.

Things have been rough. I mean my blog. My blog will be up and down until the 20th August 2008, as stated by my web host. It says that they are trying to determine the bad hardware and hopefully it will be replaced on that date. But since it is up now, I do not really care much.

I am still thinking of having my own domain. No. I have actually decided to have my own domain but I will not switch my host yet. I am waiting for replies and advise from various web-companies on how do I go about changing my details and whether changing of domain will affect any of my status. Hopefully, the procedures will not be as complicated as what I am thinking now. Also, the dot com version of myi4u has been taken and their contract will only end in August 2009. Anyway, I have my own idea of domain name already. I just have to talk to Mee again tonight even though she was not very supportive when I told her three hours ago.

Mee and I thought of washing the car today but looking at the weather now, windy and cloudy, we have to abandon the idea.

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