My own domain name soon. Can you guess? …

It looks like 1900 now. When I reached the office at 0815 today, the day was sunny and the radio DJ reported that it will be dry today. Guess not.

Mee and I washed the car yesterday at about 1830. I was quite frustrated at that time. One of our housemates’ cars was parked at the driveway and it was raining. Thus, we abandoned the idea of washing the car. So, I asked Mee again regarding the idea of having my own domain name. We agreed and I started registering with GoDaddy because it is one of the cheapest around and a lot of people register with it.

I must say the registering process was confusing and it was like waiting for you to make a mistake so that it could charge you more for other services. I kept my cool and tried to read everything. Anyway, I got nothing to lose because I have not keyed in any payment details yet.

However, minutes later, my housemate drove off and Mee urged me to wash the car immediately. With GoDaddy in mind and Mee urging, I felt like going crazy at that time. I told Mee at some point because the process of registering was only half way but luckily she understood after I explained to her. Sorry to Mee.

Finally, we got both things done. I will be able to direct and announce my own domain name in the next 12 hours or so, hopefully. The car is shiny and free of dirt at the moment.

Feel free to guess my blog’s domain name because it is quite unique to me.

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