New top bar menu …

Right now, I am very pleased with the progress that I am making. I got the performancingads setup on my sidebar and hopefully, it will generate some income for me especially when my new domain name comes alive. Also, the interactive top bar navigation has replaced the dull and block top bar. In the future, I will put up the categories in the top bar, thus, creating more spaces for my sidebar.

A few problems that I encountered during the implementation of the new top bar were the compatibility with Internet Explorer 5 and the alignment between the top bar and the contents below it. I am glad that it works perfectly now. I know there are other scripts which could make better and attractive menu navigation but they will eventually slow down the website. Hence, I am happy with this.

More hard work needs to be done as I am waiting eagerly for my new domain to work. I have actually stopped giving comments because I would like to give comments using my new domain name. A lot of you may have gone through this but I am kind of excited and trying to keep myself cool. Well, of course, it is not something big for you but it is definitely something huge for me. Forgive me if I am being a little bit childish. But my very own domain name!!! I cannot wait for it. Oh yeah, I have bigger plans for it.

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