Entrecard Widgets Mysteries …

I have added another category as mysteries. Well, it is sort of a category where I will talk about things that have not been resolved technically. Bear in mind, mysteries is not a category about eerie stuff.

To begin with, I have yet to figure out a mystery that I face with Entrecard widgets. Entrecard widgets works properly using my computer at home; both Firefox Portable 3 and Internet Explorer 7. However, Entrecard widgets does not appear in Firefox Portable 3 when I am using my office computer. You may think that it is something to do with the network restrictions but Entrecard widget is working perfectly in Internet Explorer 5 in my office network.

When using Firefox in my office, I am able to login to Entrecard but all Entrecards will appear only in description instead of pictures. But I guess the mystery will remain unsolved because I was using Firefox Portable 2 at home previously and upgraded to Firefox Portable 3. And all that time, I can see Entrecard widgets.

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