Web hosting comparison

So far, I have managed to get my very own domain name. The things which I have to consider now are the traffic redirection and link building. I read on some forums and blogs saying that Googles, Technorati and some other similar websites will automatically populates my new domain. I wonder how true it is. If only I started my own domain from the beginning.

Eventually, I believe that I will have to find my own web hosting as my current free web host does not provide any backup facility. Not unless I pay. But where can I find the ideal web host? Web host rating does the job by comparing all web hosting providers in details. You can view web host providers by awards as well as hosting in different type of operating system and such. It definitely has made our life easier with the rating on each and every web host providers available.

Dig into some of their articles to find tips and how to choose a web host.

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