Reasons to stay longer …

I have just drafted a list of future categories that I will have in my blog. That was easier than I thought. But the difficult part is to re-categorize all the posts. Honestly, I have lost touch of how many posts I have now. I will do the count later on. Maybe later later on. Which means, I have no idea when. Hopefully, as always, I will be inspired by the categories that I have and try to share as much as I can think of. Looking at the categories that I have now, I am lost. I am simply talking about my life without sharing. But that will change, not now but soon. I am confidence.

First of all, I will take off all the categories at the sidebar. Tidy up all the posts with my new list and display the categories again. After that, it will somehow make my blog more organized and visitors will have more reasons to stay longer.

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