Ampersand …

My blog is acting weird since my free host fixed the problem. For all the symbols that I have input, it automatically converts them to HTML ASCII. I have tried many ways and search through forums but could not find a convincing answer. I have tried to use external editor and changing settings on my BBCode plugins but nothing works at all.

Let me explain what exactly happens. When I input an ampersand symbol, the source will display it as &. That causes me quite a problem when my post is trying to get approved automatically. To view the source codes, click on View and Page Source in Firefox. Or Ctrl + U.

& becomes &

In fact, I faced this problem before. It happened when the administrators over at 110mb were trying to solve an issue. Similarly, my blog was up and down at that time. When my blog was up, it became Read-only and sometime, I was able to access everything. However, all the symbols will be converted to HTML ASCII which I did not have any control.

Now that the administrators have announced that the problems were resolved, my effort in trying to get my post approved has failed. As for now, I have sent a support ticket to 110mb to check with the problem that I am facing as well as a support to pay for posting service to see whether my post can be approved manually. As far as I know, some bloggers have post similar problem in the forum and the administrator replied that they are working on the problem with the automatic approval.

Hmm… I will try to ask for help in Flatpress forum later on while waiting for replies from 110mb. It is weekend now anyway.

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