Enrolment starting tomorrow …

I will be busy today. In fact, I am busy at the moment. Enrolment starts tomorrow. Even though I am not really involved in enrolment stuff but I need to take care of the equipment used especially the webcams because they can be easily stolen. All the computers and equipment are placed at the concourse area with no guards in the evening. Thus, it is my responsibility to plug the webcams early in the morning and unplug them after they finish with the webcams. ‘They’ refers to my student admin colleagues.

As enrolment starts, it means that coming September is the start of a new academic year. A lot of things are to be implemented and I am involved in the background process of some of those things that are needed to be done. Email is down at the moment and I am not able to check my things and tasks. Later on, I will be walking around the college to check the setup of the computers.

I am currently having a hard time trying to backup my blog. I used Net2FTP but it is very slow and not effective at all. I wonder if I should just pay a one time fee of $7 to my current host to backup my blog. After all, better be safe than sorry.

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