No to $7 backup …

I am feeling a little bit sleepy right now. I have been standing for the whole morning and directing new and continuing students around the enrolment room. I was not supposed to do that but since I needed to be there for support purposes, I had to do so to keep myself occupied. It was not that busy because only few courses are available for enrolment tomorrow and I was told to come back to my office. Hence, tomorrow will be a different story.

Well, I will not have the time to update my blog design until next week. It will be a hectic week for me. Mee told me yesterday that my blog did not load at times in the afternoon. I believe that happened when I was doing a backup of my blog. With a little bit of patience and time, I believe that I am going to abandon the idea of paying a one time fee of $7 provided by the host to backup my blog.

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