Clearing 2008 at the University of Bedfordshire

After going through the process of enrolment in this college, it seems like things are working very differently compared to the college that I studied previously. In the past, we had to decide our own course based on our own interest. I felt lucky because I have always wanted something to do with computing. What about students who do not have any ideas on what they want to study?

A process called the ‘Clearing’ will start from Thursday August 14th until middle of September at the University of Bedfordshire. The University of Bedfordshire – Clearing 2008 event is what I pointed out as different. Clearing is a process which helps students to decide the courses that are suitable for them. Basically, being a student, you can ask as many questions as you like. The Clearing 2008 team will offer their help and support as much as they can in order to give you the clear idea of each course in details.

In addition, you can also get information on accommodation, finance and everything about the University. Ring 0800 013 0925 to get the support that you need or fill in an online form to arrange a time for them to call you back.

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