Many things, little time …

My job in the morning was to plug in all the webcams to the enrolment computers and making sure that everything ran properly. I did not have to be in the room to direct the students anymore and the student helpers will be doing it for the rest of the enrolment week. Thus, I am free.

Internet connection is very slow today. I wonder what happened. Even my Firefox Portable did not work and I had to reinstall it into another new folder and it worked after that. Just yesterday, Outlook email was not working for the whole day. Something is not right over at the server room. Hmm…..

I have not been writing any articles for two months straight. I believe it is time now and I get the inspiration from the new categories that I have created. I have not updated them in my blog though. Since the internet connection is slow today, I will just concentrate on my articles rather than arranging all my posts to the respective new categories.

In addition, I feel that my sidebar sucks. It does not look good and not attractive at all. I will need to think of a way to polish it. Sigh, so many things to do, yet so little time.

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