Paella pan

The first time that I heard about paella was watching Gordon Ramsay’s TV show. He was in Spain to help a British who opened a restaurant but failed to attract the tourists and locals. Most of the customers are one-off because the food was not right and there were no Spanish food in the menu. Thus, Gordon Ramsay challenged the restaurant owner to cook at the beach where he cooked paella while the restaurant owner cooked spaghetti. The result was everyone preferred paella.

According to Wikipedia, Paella is a typical Valencian rice dish from Spain. The origin of the name paella is in the Valencian for frying pan. Just by looking at the paella pan used by Gordon Ramsay, it was different. I believe the taste of paella will be very nice just by looking at it. I will definitely have a go for paella when I visit a Spain restaurant.

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