Great American Seafood Recipes

I have not really talked about my Scotland trip and it has been more than a month already. I remember that my sister told me about a famous seafood restaurant. However, Mee and I do not like to eat seafood; thus, we excluded it from our schedule. Erm… Do I hate seafood that much? I do love seafood but sometimes I am sensitive to it. Mee on the other hand, dislike seafood because most restaurants do not cook fresh. I cannot really explain the ‘sometimes’ because my lips and skin are easily irritated depending on how the seafood is cooked.

Well, if you ask me to choose between seafood and fish, I will go for seafood. I came across Great American Seafood Cook-Off 2008 website and there are some great seafood recipes from great chefs available to download. They promote sustainable and domestic seafood in their recipe which is really good because domestic seafood is known of its great taste and freshness. The cook off is going on at the moment and visitors are encouraged to vote and enter the contest to win a trip to New Orleans. There are simply no rules and all you need to do is to vote your favorite out of the top five seafood recipes listed.

Texas Gulf Shrimp

Talking about my favorite seafood recipes out of the top five would be the Texas Gulf Shrimp. This is a recipe created by Chef Mark Holley of Texas, as the name says for itself. It says serves eight but I believe that I would be able to eat all of it. It looks so tasty and the heirloom tomato relish will serve perfectly with the shrimp. Well, I like tomatoes. What about you? What do you think of the five seafood recipes listed in Who do you think will win? Make your vote now and the winner might be you!


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