SuperMee …

I have just calculated the number of posts in my blog. This is the 455! Wow, I have created 455 posts in the span of nearly eight months. Incredible I think. This will mean that blogging is not a three minutes task for me and I will carry on blogging forever.

Hmm.. today I will be going to the local GP for a new patient check. Can you imagine that I am registering as a new patient after I have lived here for nine months? I cannot believe it either. Another explanation, I am lazy. Anyway, I got the appointment today and I will be there at 1700.

Mee has been quite energetic nowadays. She travels between Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Morrisons in search for the best price of all products. Yes, I mean all products that we normally consume or use. She has a golden red book which records every product prices; 2 for 1, 3 for 2, vouchers, points, double points, better than half, buy one get one free and much more. She does not even want me to drive her around. She would rather get on a bus during the day because she reckons that the traffic will be bad in the evening. Well, I do agree with her because it is the beginning of the new academic year and parents are fetching their children to and from the school.

Just so you know. Tesco is on the North, Asda is on the South, Morrisons is on the East/West and Sainsbury is right in the middle of the town. There is a Sainsbury superstore outside the town but we never been there. There she goes, SuperMee.

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