Disastrous week …

Mee and I did not sleep well for the last two days. Our housemate’s boyfriend was very noisy during the night and early in the morning. As always, he kept using the downstairs’ toilet instead of the upstairs on. And he never flushed which made us wonder what he had been doing in the toilet. He does not understand English and we cannot really communicate with him. As told by our housemate, he will be here for only two weeks and this weekend is the deadline. Otherwise, we will have sleepless night.

It is weekend time. I am not having any pizzas today because I have an ulcer. Instead, I only had bread and eggs for breakfast. I will try to eat some fruits later. Just watched The Spiderwick Chronicles. Thinking back, it has been quite a while since I wrote any movie reviews. Hmm…. I do not know when I will start it again because I am writing some other topics at the moment. But I am confident that I will soon begin to write movie reviews so that when I read back, they will refresh my memories.

The enrolment week will end on Monday. They thought that it would be busy on Thursday but it was not. There are many unpredictable things in life anyway. When you think that you have done the necessary preparation, the result may not be what you expected. Next week will be busy for me but not because of the enrolment. The new academic year starts and we have a few things to implement. We as in the MIS department. I must focus and make sure that things are done correctly. One slight mistake is not acceptable.

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