Relaxing Sunday …

Today is the last day of August 2008. I will be updating my top EC droppers list tomorrow and will be sending some EC points to them. Thanks for their continuous dropping!

Mee and I went to the town centre in the morning and bought some vitamins. There were sales going on and we went to Debenhams. I bought some shirts, ties and a pair of jeans at discounted price. They were quite a bargain. It was quite scary because people were queuing in front of the shops before the shops opening hours especially at Primark. It is Sunday and I thought they were supposed to do some roasting? Well, that is the craze in UK I think. I have not gone into Primark since its opening six months ago.

Then, it started to rain heavily in the afternoon but luckily we were back at home by that time. We ate simple today; porridge for lunch and fried noodle for dinner. Another weekend, gone.

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