Top Entrecard Droppers Chart updated …

I have been very busy since morning. I thought it would be a peaceful day but it is Monday. There are always problems on the first day of the week. However, I was able to make some changes to my blog design. You are not able to see it because I have another folder created for the design phase. I want to be really sure that the codes are almost flawless before putting up to live. But I guess that I will not be changing anything until tomorrow. There are still some bits and pieces that I need to tidy up.

As I browsed through Entrecard user websites to drop, I am surprised that I am one of the top droppers in some websites. Well, what I do normally is to return drops rather than dropping on particular websites. Anyway, I have not gotten the time to drop comments to their posts. I will do that soon though. Also, I have updated my blog’s top Entrecard droppers chart. I am quite busy at the moment and hopefully, I will be sending some EC points to them by tomorrow. Thank you for dropping by.

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