Design flaw …

I have to stop. I have gone a little bit too far with the design process. Sometimes, the more I think, the more exaggerate design I create. Well, I believe that I need to keep it simple for now. In fact, I learn a lot by modifying some of the files and manage to manipulate some files so that it will display a post according to my customization rather than the defaults. But I have decided not to implement the bizarre changes.

The new academic year has started and all the tutors are back to the college. At 0830, there is hardly a decent parking space available. Well, what I mean by decent is that there are parking spaces beside bushes and it is quite a walk from my office.

Things are going quite peaceful at our rented house. Our landlord is ill but he might come today to collect the rent. Our housemate’s boyfriend has not left yet even though we were told that he will be staying only for two weeks. This is the third week. He is incredibly noisy. He does not walk, he marches. He does not close the door, he slams it. When he is in the kitchen, no matter day or night, the noise he makes is unbearable. The worst of all, he does not flush after using the toilet. We have no idea what he does in the toilet. I believe, my housemate’s boyfriend will go into my mysteries category.

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