Is this the right time to get an insurance policy?

On and off, I have been thinking of a question. Should I get myself an insurance policy now? This is a really hard question. I would like to have an insurance policy yet I am reluctant to pay monthly. I always receive calls from banks offering their best insurance policy yet I think there will always be a catch on all the offers.

Service is one of the most important factors. One of my friends had bought an insurance policy from an agent introduced by a close friend. During the process of discussion and reviewing quotes, the insurance agent was very friendly and always called my friend to check on the progress. Once the first payment was paid, the agent did not reply my friend’s call or provide any proof of payment. Eventually, she cancelled off the insurance policy.

However, I will buy an insurance policy when I am prepared to commit. Hmm… that may be the time when I will be thinking of getting a property of my own. Mortgage life insurance enables the policy holders to protect their home and family. In the past, most people usually get a regular term life insurance policy. However, policy holders are able to choose a return of premium policy or a universal life insurance policy. Both of the policies work quite the same by paying back policy holders all premiums paid at the end of the term.

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