Knowing your blood pressure

About two years ago, I visited a Chinese physician regularly. During that time, he used an analogue blood pressure monitor to measure my blood pressure. Gladly, my blood pressure was normal. I was quite curious because he had to look at the flow of the mercury as he increased and decreased the pressure of the armband in order to determine the blood pressure’s measurement.

For a person with normal blood pressure, the measurement will be less than 120mmHg for systolic while less than 80mmHg for diastolic. The physician only explained to me as high and low. Somehow, blood pressure measurement will be affected easily through breathing and mood as well as the sitting posture. I had my blood pressure measured about two weeks ago when I went for the new patient check appointment with my local GP and it was normal. If I remembered my blood pressure measurement correctly, it was 110mmHg for systolic and 70 for diastolic. The only difference was the nurse used an electronic blood pressure monitor.

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