International mail forwarding

While I was looking for the best price package of Nintendo DS Lite for Mee in UK, it seemed that most of the retailers are selling at quite a similar price. I would only want to pay for the console unit and a game for £100 and eventually, I found it at Zavvi. However, when I browsed through online US retailers, their Nintendo DS Lite packages were all less than $150. That was a saving of £20 – £30. However, they only ship within US, not internationally.

Access USA is a mail forwarding company that will help international consumers to make purchases from US retailers because most US retailers do not ship overseas. Even if they do, the shipping rates are high compared to Access USA. Well, you may be thinking how are you going to make purchases from US retailers that do no ship overseas because you do not have a valid US address? Well, this is why the term mail forwarding comes in. Access USA will provide you with a US address that is unique to you. Access USA will then forward your purchases from the US address to your international address. website website contains all the information that you need as well as applying for a mail forwarding account. It claims that its international shipping rate will save up you to 70% compared to other shipping companies. Visit the website now and it even has a rate calculator for you to estimate the price that you have to pay for shipping.

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