Bad weather …

The weather lately was cool and it rained for the past few days. I always check the weather forecast from my Yahoo! weather widget on the desktop. Sometimes, I do check weather on BBC weather forecast. One interesting thing that I discover while checking BBC weather forecast is they use the term shower and rain.

Shower – A brief fall of precipitation
Rain – Condensed water falling from a cloud
Precipitation – Any or all of the forms of water particles that fall from the atmosphere

In another word, to my understanding, shower is equal to rain except that shower could be anything including rain. Meteor shower for example. Well, why can’t BBC just put it as rain instead of forecasting rain in the morning, shower in the afternoon and rain again in the evening? I do not understand quite well. Do you?

I have a naughty thought lately. Well, not that kind of naughty stuff you are thinking that I am thinking right now. I would like to change my phone again. You know, just a thought. Obviously, Mee is not quite agreed with me. I am using a Sony Ericsson P990i but I am thinking of trading it for Sony Ericsson P1 by paying extra pounds. P1 has the same functionality as P990i. However, P1 has double the RAM, 3.2MP camera and smaller. Maybe after a few days later, I will eventually abandon the thought.

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