Busy days ahead …

Hmm… my weekend was spent with doing nothing. Mee went to work and I was home alone for about five hours. I vacuumed the room, the toilet and the kitchen. I did not post on Sunday because all I was thinking of was to rest. This week will again, be a very busy week for me. I have been working for the whole day on different issues on different programs. My desk is piled up with tasks and people are rushing me to complete their requests. It is indeed a hectic day.

I have not gotten the time for myself to write some articles. What I am planning now is to write many articles and publish the slowly. At the moment, I only have two articles yet to be published. There are so many things that I want to do on my blog but I just have to stop them for a while because I am busy with my current job. I have not done my final review with my manager yet.

My landlord is still sick but my housemate’s boyfriend went back to his home country on Sunday. It is very peaceful now.

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