Sad day …

Sad news today. My blog was not accepted by PayPerPost in the recent blog assessment. I wonder what the meaning by quality blog is. My blog is a personal blog and there will always be posts about my personal stuffs and ideas. All the opportunities that I have done were original and I have never broken any rules. Anyway, it has become a fact now. Hopefully, I will get the chance to resubmit my blog at later dates.

Yesterday, Mee suddenly granted me the permission to change my cell phone. Of course, it was a surprise to me. Well, I am still thinking though. Maybe, at the end of the month, I will change my mind again. Hmm.. should I exchange P990i for a P1 or some other slimmer models but without a QWERTY keyboard? Anyway, I am not in the mood now because I am still sad about leaving PayPerPost.

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