I talked a lot today …

Mee made some chicken pies for my lunch for the next few days. They look good but wait till I try it tomorrow. If possible, I will post the pictures tomorrow. Yeah, if possible. I talked a lot today. Partly because there were two system errors produced by the software we used and I had to chat with the support over the phone. One error was considered as the system bug but there is another work around to make the thing work. For the other system error, I will need to follow up tomorrow. There were also a few ad hoc users’ requests while I was working on my current tasks. Hence, I needed to speak to them over the phone or personally in order to find out more information.

Well, I am quite exhausted and the journey from my office back to my rented house seems farther and farther. The traffic is the worst on Monday and Tuesday. I need to use another route which is farther by 5 miles but at least the traffic will be much better. Sometimes, I rather stay longer in the office than going home early.

Hmm… I guess I will be calling home this weekend. My father has decided to renovate the house few months ago and the work has started. I wonder what it will look like when the renovation is completed.

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