Mid-Autumn Festival approaching …

The weather is good today. As soon as I finish this post, I will be backing up my blog data. I feel a bit relax as it approaches weekend. Still, I have two on-going projects and they are quite important too. In fact, I have not even started them. Anyway, I will keep them rolling soon.

I reached the office at 0820 and there were hardly any parking spaces left. There were so many reserved parking spaces and it caused massive jam after 0830. For lunch, I had Mee’s chicken pies and I must admit that they were nice. They were definitely better than those chicken pies that I had eaten before.

Mee is at Chinatown now to buy mooncakes. I asked her to buy a box for my colleagues. I am not quite sure whether my colleagues tasted mooncakes before and thought that it would be nice to buy a box for them. This year, Mooncake Festival or Lantern Festival which is also called as Mid-Autumn Festival, falls on 14th September 2008.

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