Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover

Few years back, I was attracted to an Extreme Makeover show. In the programme, they transformed selected participants physically by gong through a lot of process. Surgery doctors and fitness instructors as well as make-up artists were called in to help transformed each participant. It was amazing how people could makeover in a span of few weeks with the help of modern technology. The result was unbelievable but it would be up to the participants’ determination to maintain their best looks.

Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover is another makeover show but with the same aim, which is to enhance people with better digital knowledge. Head over to the makeover website and you will see two makeover episodes; Wedding Day Crunch and A Walk in the Park. I am particularly attracted to the Wedding Day Crunch because wedding day is such an important day in everyone’s life. To colorize it with digital makeover could make it more memorable. Well, you do not want to have any mistake on your wedding day, do you?

What’s more, enter the contest now and you could be on the show. There are digital goodies to be won too.

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