Futures trading

When I was in my secondary school, my father was actively making transactions in the stock market. That period of time was called the bull market and everyone was crazy about selling and buying shares. Every now and then, my father would be going to the trading centre and that was the place where he met some of my friends’ father.

Well, I reckon stock market is quite an interesting thing but I am never attracted by it. When you are winning, you will want for more but when you are losing, you will want even more to gain what you have lost. My brother once played futures trading where the players speculate on the price of a commodity. It is different from the stock market where you make profit when the prices go up. In futures trading, you can predict whether the price is going up or down in the future. In Malaysia, the players will often stay up late because futures trading is observing the US market.

If there is a game to play on futures trading or anything like it, I will most likely play around with it. If I were to play it with my hard-earned money, I will definitely not.

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