Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! This is the day of eating mooncakes, lighting up the lanterns and drinking tea as well. I thought of buying coke to drink with the mooncakes tonight because we are in UK and the weather is hot today. By the way, I will only bring the box of mooncakes for my colleagues tomorrow because on Friday, they were treated with pastries from another colleague of mine. Also, my manager was off sick.

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Well, Friday was one of the busiest days. As I mentioned, my manager was off sick and I had to handle a lot of requests. However, no matter how busy I am, I will still go for lunch. I told myself that I need some rest this weekend. Indeed, I rested for the whole Saturday; watching movies and browsing. Nothing else. Not even blogging or design my blog. In fact, I went to the town centre to send some letters for Mee and window shopping at the second hand shop. The shop was selling Asus EEE P900 for £235 where the first hand price is only around £270. Expensive huh? I would have bought a first hand unit. Anyway, my target is the 10” model which is not available second hand as yet. There was only one unit of Sony Ericsson P1i but currently, I have abandoned the thought of changing my mobile phone.

Talking about the laptops, I expect more competition towards the year end as Christmas approaching. Dell, HP and Acer are rolling out mini-laptop models and hopefully, their prices will drop by year end. Hehehe ….

Just last week, while Mee was going to her college, Fitness First’s staffs were giving out free gifts to attract passer-by to join their newly opened Fitness First Black Label. Sounds good isn’t it? And Mee got blacky pen and grayish mouse pad. Two years ago, there were another fitness company’s staffs giving out free gifts near the college. Mee and I got a tumbler and some leaflets each.

Fitness First

Fitness First Black Label Mouse Pad

Over the next few days, if possible, I will be publishing some Mee’s cookery pictures.

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