Drug and alcohol

Few days ago, Mee and I were chatting with one of our housemate who is an Englishman. He talked about wine and thought that English people only know how to drink heavily but not wine tasting like the French or other European nationalities. Well, it is quite true that both drug and alcohol are seriously abused in UK. Just today, the Sun newspaper reported how easy it is for teenagers, who are underage, to buy alcohol.

In fact, both drug and alcohol are misused by teenagers not only in UK, but in Malaysia and US. However, the statistic shows that UK society seems to be more involved in drug and alcohol abuse. Even celebrities have gone into drug rehab. It is a sad case that many people, especially teenagers are curious and willing to try even though they know that what they are going to do may not be beneficial to them. And now that the prison is considered as crowded, will drug rehab or alcohol rehab faces the same problem in the future?

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